How has Phone Usage Change Overtime?

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Can you survive without a phone? Well cellphones have become mandatory with each year seeing new releases. This has led to an incredible advancement in mobile phones, with the possibility of mobile phones’ future being seemingly endless. This advancement has also contributed to a change in how phones are being used today.

In the past, phones were considered car phones due to their vast size, making them cumbersome to move around within your pocket. However, as years passed by, new, small, and more efficient phones were introduced. This led to a total change in how the phone was being used as the new and improved mobile phones were equipped with features that made it possible for the device to carry out different functions apart from just making calls.

How has phone usage changed over time? Well, a lot has changed, and this piece will cover some of the major phone usage changes that have been experienced.

A Shift in Purpose

In the past mobile phones were primarily used in the business and sales world and not majorly for personal use like is the case today. However, the addition of a few features, like longer battery lives, made it possible for users to carry them around without the need for charging them every-know and then.

Once cell phone manufacturers started realizing the need for better technology integration within the phones and the expansion of the features, the concept of mobile phones started to change. The earliest smartphones incorporated users’ access to emails; the phone could be used as a fax machine, address book, and pager.

Currently, the purpose of these phones has completely shifted from verbal communication tools to multimedia tools. This has also led to the device adopting the name mobile devices rather than just phones. We urgently use mobile devices to surf the web, check and send emails, and update social media status, snapping photos rather than just placing calls.

Modern mobile devices are also replacing other gadgets like video cameras. When cameras were introduced to phones, the images captured by the phones were not of quality as the feature was just considered as an extra feature. However, the current shift is very fast as we are seeing very advanced mobile phone cameras that have the ability to capture the best images. This has seen a decline in camera devices popularity as your mobile phone can serve the purpose even better.

Changing Shape

As much as the technology of the phones has highly contributed to changing how phones are being used today, the change in the shape of these devices has also added on to how we currently use the device. Cell phones have significantly reduced in size. A wider, clear, and high-definition screen makes the gadget perfect for web viewing, watching movies, and also playing games.

The keyboard has also been replaced with a touch screen keyboard that pops up when needed. This makes it possible for users to utilize the screen while using the phone for other purposes, such as watching movies.


Cell phones have evolved from just a simple gadget that was used to place calls to a device that can serve almost any purpose. This has given users a chance to explore different phone uses. Some of the modern phones have the ability even to shoot quality videos. Well, it’s definitely true that mobile phone usage has changed over time.