Web development evolution

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In the past, there was no internet, and everything seemed pretty difficult, especially communication. Today, web development is certainly growing with more devices connecting to the internet and doing anything possible. With the discovery of the internet, the evolution of web development has certainly been something considerable to the point that people can no longer live without it. If you are trying to learn more about it, the stages you need to know about the web development evolution are below. 

Text-based sites

Before, websites were mostly text-based, which you would not see in modern sites these days. The sites were mostly just black and white or just colored but only in text formats. This is because the people back then did not know anything about building sites, so they mostly just put in texts for other people to see.

Adobe flash

With the discovery of Adobe flash, more sites were able to give animation to their pages which allowed further improvement. At that stage in time, the websites can put in some animation added with the text so that they can better convey what they want to say.

Table based sites

After the development of flash, some sites divided their pages into tables to have more content. This means that sites can properly arrange their content in a more organized manner, making things more interesting for the viewers.


JavaScript is a programming language that helped many web developers further improve their A-game. They were now able to make several codes and translate them into the website, giving more life to the sites and helping people make things much more colorful and inviting. 

Web designs with embedded backgrounds

Once JavaScript was discovered, it became much easier for web developers to embed backgrounds to the websites, further improving it. They were now able to make better sites with different designs as much as their knowledge in Java allowed them to. 

Graphic elements

With different embed backgrounds, the rise of different graphic elements came to be simultaneously. This simply means that there are now different things that can be put on sites, such as word bubbles, paragraph borders, and a whole lot more. This certainly is one of the early stages of the websites that have become what they are now. 

Real-time visitor count

As web development progressed, there have also been different improvements on it, such as being able to see the real-time visitor count. Since most people can earn from their website, the number of people currently staying or browsing their pages mattered, and that is why this specific feature has come to be. 


As much as pictures and links to videos go, the GIF or the animated graphic has made sites come to life and become much more attractive to people of all ages, one of the latest web development.

Now that you know more about the web development evolution, you should figure out how far updated you are in terms of things. This should also make things better for you in the long run.